9 Important Facts to Consider About Dentures and Teeth Implants Costs, PART 2

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Published: 30th July 2012
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Did you know that wearing removable dentures, or false teeth, accelerates the loss of bone tissue in the underlying jaw? And that because of this only 40% of all patients are, at the end of a five-year period, still wearing the same original denture made for them? These were the important facts covered in the first installment of this article series on dentures and teeth implants costs. In this installment, the second, we shall take a look at some other exigent facts patients should consider about removable full and partial dentures before opting for this seemingly less expensive tooth replacement technology. By covering teeth implants costs, patients can enjoy a much higher quality of life and much greater smile confidence for decades to come.

3. Teeth Implants Costs: Did you know that of all the patients that wear a partial denture, 50% chew better without it? This point really emphasizes the fact that, while dentures are built primarily to enable patients to eat properly, they really fall short of the mark! Removable dentures rest directly upon the soft tissues covering the jaw bone ridge. Every time you eat something, all the pressures and forces associated with chewing, grinding and incising are transferred directly to this soft tissue. Since your gums were never meant to support such stresses, this naturally causes inflammation, acute discomfort and the development of sores that aren’t given a chance to heal. This is the juncture at which patients generally find themselves investing in anesthetic gels. Looking at the statistics, a surprising 50% of edentulous (toothless) and near-edentulous patients actually prefer NOT to eat with their dentures

Teeth Implants Costs: What You Can Do ~ Removable full and partial dentures simply do not offer a sophisticated functional replacement to missing teeth. By covering teeth implants costs, you can get replacement teeth that not only feel like natural teeth, but support a strong bite force too. This enables you to eat all the foods you love but previously couldn’t manage with dentures. Teeth implants costs will have you eating foods you thought you’d have to give up for good!

4. Teeth Implants Costs: Did you know that after 8 years, a substantial 40% of all the natural teeth used to support the hooks on partial dentures were lost to tooth decay or fracture? Partial dentures are not only a compromise on value and longevity, but they also cause irreparable damage to the natural teeth used to support them!

Teeth Implant Costs: What You Can Do ~ Dental implants cause absolutely no damage to the surrounding soft or hard tissues in the mouth. They are, in fact, completely free-standing, just like your natural teeth. Opting for teeth implants costs, therefore, constitutes a smarter investment in your long term oral health.

5. Teeth Implants Costs: Did you know that dentures enable patients to bite down with a force of 50 pounds as opposed to natural teeth, which support a bite force of 200 pounds? Oh but it doesn’t end here… after 15 years of wearing dentures, patients can only bite down with about 6 pounds of force, which has a devastating effect upon one’s ability to eat a varied and healthy diet. Instead of enjoying fresh fruits, vegetables and delicious steaks, denture-wearers become chained to a diet of soft, highly processed foods. This in itself is largely responsible for the statistics relating to malnutrition in denture wearers.

Teeth Implants Costs: What You Can Do ~ Dental implants, like natural teeth, are supported entirely by the jaw bone and their construction from the exceptionally strong and non-corrodible metal titanium enables patients to use them to eat all the foods they love and need in order to remain happy and healthy. Teeth implants costs, in other words, affords patients replacement teeth that are strong and function just like natural teeth.

Teeth Implants Costs: Stay Tuned

To read more interesting facts about removable dentures and teeth implants costs, stay tuned for the final installment of this three-part article series.

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